Privacy Policy

Our foremost obligation is to keep our customer’s privacy in the first place, every other thing is secondary to us. And to take care of your privacy is also our duty. We are desperate to build a trustworthy environment for you, and this is the motive of our website. We want to construct a website where you can shop and roam freely without getting any obstacles or concerns about your privacy. 

We at paragon have a team of highly professional ones who will make sure by implementing the new ideas of protection that any of your information will not get leaked from our side.

What’s the reason to collect buyers’ information?

If you purchase anything from the online market, to get that product delivered to your doorstep you are required to give some of your personal details. Those details include your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Account details, and Residential Address. By using those details our team will confirm your order and identity and then will deliver the product to you in the best quality. 

Where do we use the details of our customers?

In several conditions, we use your details, like to confirm the order we sent you an Email for which we need to have your email address. To deliver your product to your home we need your residential address. To get in touch with you if we caught any problem in delivery, we need your phone number. And just like this, above all, we need to know your phone number. 

If not shopping, do we still need to log in to your website?

No, if not shopping and just roaming around the site to get first-hand knowledge about all the latest trends, you do not have to log in to our website or provide any information. You can search all around the site and get yourself updated with new ideas and what’s in fashion without any complications. 

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies, but with your consent. The process of collecting the cookies starts on our website when you click on the accepted option that appears on your screen with a message. Once you click on that we will start collecting the cookies, but before that, we will not be able to monitor your activities or collect the cookies.

What are cookies? Why do we collect them?

Cookies are those small chunks of texts sent to your browser by a website you are using. Any website that collects cookies, use it to help you have a better experience on their website. They keep the track of your activity and with the help of that collected data provide you with better results of your search with pace. 

Do we sell out your personal information?

Absolutely not. Neither do we sell, rent or lease your data nor do we grant access to anybody to your personal data. According to our privacy policy, we are not allowed to misuse your data.  When we collect that we keep it all secure and just use it to deliver your product. Other than that after the successful delivery process we do not keep your data any longer and discard that. 

Is your data protected?

Yes, it is totally protected. Where the evaluations of the technologies have allowed us to have access to the data it has also allowed us to keep that secure and private by applying codes and security methodologies. Our team has built a website that will keep your private data encrypted and no one could have access to that. 

Most of the customers have concerns about the transaction process. They raise the question of whether their transaction is safe or not. Let us brief you that all your transaction and the details which you provide to do the transaction is protected through the Secure Server Layer (SSL). whatever information you provide is transferred through this Secure Server Layer (SSL) and converted into the payment gateway provider’s database. 

What information do we retain even after the completion of delivery?

After the successful completion of the delivery of your product, we do not discard all your information but keep some of it like your name, email address, and your product purchasing history. We further use this to keep you updated with all new sales, deals, and discounts on our site. We also use your email address to provide you with the voucher codes and gift cards so that you can get some more exclusive and additional discounts. 

Changes in our policy:

Everything needs to be upgraded over time and just like this our privacy policy also needs to be upgraded for the betterment of our users. So occasionally and accordingly we also do some changes in our policy or sometimes we completely change the entire one. It is to inform you that we retain all the rights to change our policy whenever we want. But every time we make any changes that would just be for the ease of our customers. So before purchasing the new products, we would like you to visit our privacy policy once and read that completely to get updated with new terms and conditions. 

Underage children protection policy:

All the gadgets are children’s favorite things, but especially phones and tabs. When they watch parents shopping online and watching cute things it fascinates them and they also try to do the same. This results in difficulties or sometimes in the form of heavy payments to parents. So to keep the parent’s money safe we have implemented the policy of Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA). By which any child under the age of 13 will not be allowed to place an order and the methodologies of our servers will not accept the information provided by them. 

Contact information:

For further queries, you can directly contact our customer care department by using our email address [email protected]