Return Refund and Exchange Policy

30 days return and exchange policy

We offer our clients 30 days of easy return and exchange policy. So if you find any issue with the parcel you can avail this facility within the given time limit. Below we have mentioned the list of circumstances, in the case of occurrence of these, you can freely contact us. To tackle your issues and guide you properly we have a great team of customer care service. Connect with them directly via email at [email protected]

Following are the circumstances in which you can avail our 30 days exchange and return policy:

  • If you have received a parcel which is not what you have ordered.
  • If you have received a different color of the same parcel.
  • If you have found a difference in the specs which are mentioned on our website. 
  • If you have received a defaulted product. 
  • If you have received a product in a different size, other than that what you order.   

What procedure should you follow when you want to apply for our exchange or return policy?

There are some easy steps that you should consider for the procedure of exchange and return policy.

  • First of all, you have to take a picture of the parcel that you have received. 
  • Attach it with the email you will be writing to our customer care department. 
  • Write an email.
  • Mention a valid reason why you want to avail the exchange and return policy. 
  • Send it to our customer service department at [email protected]

Further, once our team receives your requested email, they will then forward the issue to the relevant department, they will inspect it and then will get back to you within 24 hours. When you get a mail you will find a return address in that as well. Keep it safe and send the product back to that address. Kindly make sure that just like us you also use a trackable courier service. When you send that product back the courier company will provide you with a tracking ID/number, you are requested to kindly share that with us. Once we receive the product back we will notify you through email. If your product surpasses the verification process and is declared for return or exchange then our team will start the further procedure. Which will take approximately 3 business days to complete. If you have claimed back the amount then you will receive the amount back in 5 to 14 bank working days. And if you want to exchange the product then you will receive the desired product also within 7 to 14 working days. 

Further, if you still have any questions then just contact our customer care department and get all your questions answered. 

Possibilities that make you ineligible for the exchange and refund policy:

Our policies are very facile. We have made sure to compile it with all the important points. Following are the points which make you ineligible for the policies. So kindly if you are planning to avail the policy then kindly take note of these points and make sure you avoid them.

  • You can easily avail of our policy for the next 30 days.
  • You are not allowed to remove the tag.
  • Your parcel should not be washed. 
  • The parcel has to be in its original condition. 
  • The parcel should not be misused. 
  • It should not contain any cut on the fabric. 
  • It should not be altered from your side. 
  • It should not contain any stain over that. 
  • If your product is customized then you will not be considered eligible for any exchange or return policy on our website.

Kindly note that if you have exceeded the number of days from the mentioned 30 days then you will not remain eligible for this policy. 

Basic fundamentals of shipping policy:

As we have already mentioned in our shipping policy,  we deliver the products for free and do not charge a single penny for the delivery. But when you choose to return the product or exchange it then the customer is liable to bear all the expenses which will cost for the procedure. 

When you return the parcel you have to take the services of a courier company that can provide you with a tracking ID/number. And you have to share it with us. 

Make sure that you have read our policies before applying for the exchange or return. As this will definitely save you from the hassle. 

Refund policy:

Though our teams in every department are working hard to make your shopping experience a great one on our site. But scarcely ever this can also happen that you have purchased the product and mistakenly you have got a one with the issues like in size, color, fabric, quality, or maybe in the design. So you do not have to worry about it. In these cases, you can easily avail our customer-friendly policies and can exchange your parcel or return it or can claim a refund as well. 

Fundamentals that make you competent for a refund policy:

Any issue which has occurred from our side in your product regarding size, color, design, quality or may be in the form of the wrong shipment. Then this will make you eligible for this refund policy of ours. 

If the product has any other default in it from our side then in that case also you can avail of this facility. 

How much time will it take in the completion of refund process?

As we have clearly mentioned earlier as well that in what cases you will get the refund amount back. We would also want you to take note that the whole process of returning back the amount of refund payment will at least take 18 days. According to the policy, it will take 3 days maximum for our accounts department to complete the process from their end, and then in the bank transfer, it will take between 5 to 14 banking days.

Order cancelation policy:

We also own an order cancelation policy through which you can cancel the orders before they dispatch. If you have placed the order accidentally and now want to cancel it or maybe you have any other reason then you can freely use this policy. But there are some conditions in it for the ones who want to avail the policy.

If you cancel the order within 24 hours of placing that then we will return you 100% cash back.   If you cancel after 24 hours then 30% of the amount which you have paid will be deducted. If only 3 days are remaining in the dispatch of your order and you cancel it then the amount of 50% will get deducted. And lastly, if the parcel has been dispatched from our side and now you want to cancel then we are sorry but you can not avail this facility then.