Terms and conditions

The crux of all the important points from all the policies of our website is here in this section. For your easy deciphered reading we have compiled all the important points here. Every customer of the Paragon website is instructed to follow all these instructions.

Copyright Contained Content

We would like to notify every visitor of the Paragon website that each and every bit of content that is published on the website is strictly reserved by the website. No one is allowed to copy-paste the content or misuse our content. All these acts are strictly prohibited. We reserve all the rights to the complete content of our website. Be it our descriptions of products, designs, illustrations, pictures, or any type of content everything contains a copyright. So if anyone will misuse it in any way without our consent then we will take strong action against them. So kindly to avoid the inconvenience do not copy, sell, publish with your name or on your site, display, distribute or reproduce our site’s content. 

Who is liable to pay the customs duties?

The Paragon site is definitely offering you free shipment across the globe but when it comes to paying the customs charges then we are not liable to pay that. Every customer will have to pay the charges which will apply to their parcels according to the law of their countries. But for all those lucky ones who live in the countries that are duty-free they can enjoy the delivery completely free. 

Other websites links:

The Paragon website is only answerable to the products and policies which we own other than that if we link any other website through ours and you face any difficulty there then please note that we do not own that and we are not answerable about their services or policies.

Authority to make changes:

Be it our privacy policies or the published content of our site, only we the team of the Paragon site reserve all the rights to change it occasionally or according to the need of time. Other than that no one has any authority to make any changes on the site. Just we reserve all kinds of authorities to change, update, modify, or upgrade our site’s content or appearance. 


If you violate any of our instructions or rule then action will be taken against you.